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Gabrielle C.

Wonderful service! Audiologist was very thorough, nice and made me feel at ease. The staff is so helpful. A special thank you to Danielle for going above and beyond when I was in need of help. Thank you Fischer Hearing! I will definitely keep going and recommend it to anyone with hearing issues!

Elizabeth B.

I have been a client of Paul Fischer for over 30 years, recently while he has been a Connect Hearing provider, and my husband has been a client of Paul's for the past 10 years. Paul is professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. His advice has always been "on the spot" and we trust him implicitly. He and his receptionist, Danielle, run an efficient and friendly office. We recommend this office highly.

Donna D.

My husband and I can't tell how please we are to have Paul Fisher in our lives. Started with my Mom then me and finally my husband. Thank you - Paul you are the BEST - be seeing you soon.

Raymond B.

If you want to deal with professionals that understand your hearing needs and are willing to go the extra mile, you need to see Paul Fischer who is the best hearing specialists you can deal with in the area.

Dee K.

I recently purchased an excellent pair of hearing aids through the Fischer Hearing Center and couldn't be more happier. Paul Fischer answered all of my questions accordingly with total empathy of my hearing difficulties. He also supplied me with a temporary trial pair, no charge, for me to adequately adjust to the new sounds and functions. Danielle in his office made me feel so comfortable when coming in for my appointments with her welcoming smile and wonderful disposition. Thank you Paul and Danielle so very much for opening up a new world of sounds. I would highly recommend Paul Fischer Hearing Center for all of your hearing needs. I am sure you too will be very happy once you meet Paul and Danielle for your hearing concerns.

Bonnie W.

I recently purchased Phonak hearing aides from Paul Fischer (Fischer Hearing Center) and could not be happier! As a Registered Nurse, myself, I found it so refreshing to be able to discuss in detail my hearing concerns. Paul not only answered all my questions/concerns in a concise, professional manner, he also provided me with a “trial” pair which I wore for 4 weeks (with came with no obligation)!

Carl J.

I have to drive to TOMS RIVER from MIRAGE in Barnegat, BUT he and his staff are worth it. PROFESSIONAL, HELPFUL, AND SKILLED in listening to the older patient. NEVER PUSHES FOR THE MOST EXPENSIVE MODELS. GREAT FOLLOWUP SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS!

Joanne K.

From the minute I walked with with a great greetings from the time I left my visit . I felt like part of a new family. My hearing aid wasn't charging so I called Fisher Hearing Center and instantly got a appointment . You weren't put on hold or had to leave a message. LOL .. Paul made sure all my questions and concerns were taken care of before I left. So please Don't sell yourself short give them a call and you'll see what I mean .. Thanks for reading this.

Melisa W.

Being 38 and admitting that I need a hearing aid was no easy obstacle to overcome, but Paul has changed my life drastically. By providing me with compassionate care and having patience with my reluctance to overcome my personal stigma of wearing a hearing aid, he was able to do what he does best and provide me with a hearing aid that is comfortable and fits my needs exactly. I did not realize how my hearing loss was negatively effecting my daily conversations; my family became frustrated with having to repeat themselves and my friends and colleagues were baffled by how I misunderstood what they said (because let's be honest, I was plugging in the missing words). Paul was able to give me the gift of meaningful conversations again because he is a professional with a giant heart. If you or someone you care about has noticed a hearing loss, know that by trusting Paul, you will improve your quality of life. I recommend Fischer Hearing Center with 100% confidence that you will get what you need in a friendly and professional environment.

Joyce C.

After dealing with a few different Hearing Aid establishments for my husband, I have to say Fischer Hearing Center, Paul Fischer and his staff outdo them all. Paul was extrememly helpful in educating us as well as going above and beyond to help my husband after a different establishment screwed up. I would highly recommend this office for anyone with hearing aid needs. Thank you Paul! See you soon.

Jeff B.

Had a hearing test performed. The office staff was very personable and professional. My appointment was right on time. Paul Fisher was both knowledgeable and professional. All of my concerns were addressed. The visit was very relaxed and thorough. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.