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Help Loved Ones With Hearing Loss
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Guide those you care about to better hearing

Help Loved Ones With Hearing Loss

Is a loved one experiencing hearing loss?

Hearing loss from a loved one can be difficult. You can find yourself not sharing everything with a loved one due to hearing loss. That feeling of "well it's not that important so I will hold off telling them". Why live like that if you don't have too?

Untreated hearing loss is difficult to be part of too. Side effects from hearing loss can lead to lower confidence, less socially active and even becoming isolated. The source of the hearing loss may cause a person’s physical stability to be off. Making it easy to mistake hearing loss for other issues like fogetfulness or Alzheimer's disease.

Encouraging a loved one or friend to get help with their hearing is the right thing to do.

Paul Fischer has been helping families & friends for over 20 years to get on track to better hearing health. Don't wait! The earlier you see Paul, the better the treatment options. Call or text us today!

How can I help them?

  • The first step is to talk. When the moment is right, talk to your loved one regarding the hearing loss. Be aware that it’s normal for people with hearing loss to become defensive.
  • Encourage him or her to get a free evaluation from a hearing expert. If they refuse, don’t get defensive about it. Mention it and then move to the next step.
  • Be positive through it all. One out of 20 will flatly refuse to schedule a hearing appointment. If that’s the case, remind them that if they see the hearing aid specialist and the results show they don’t have a hearing loss, that would be good news!
  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Offer to schedule the apointment and any other accommodations to help with getting to the appointment.
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Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.