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Hearing aid batteries
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What should I know about hearing aid batteries?

Hearing Aid Batteries Q & A

Which battery do I purchase for my hearing aid?

Hearing aid batteries are standardized in the industry with easy number and color codes 675 (Blue), 13 (Orange), 312 (Brown) and 10 (Yellow).

Which color or number battery fits my hearing aid?

If you purchase aids through Fischer Hearing Center, we will tell you which size and color of hearing aid batteries you need. We keep full records so you can always call if you need to know.

How long do batteries last?

Hearing aid batteries usually last 5 to 7 days. Factors on how long they last include the size of the battery, the model of the hearing aid, level of hearing loss and the usage. The more usage the hearing aid gets, the more battery power it will use.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries can usually retain their charge for up to 24 hours.

My watch battery lasts for years, why don’t hearing aid batteries last longer?

Wrist watch batteries can last for years because it uses very little power to keep your watch ticking. Unlike watches, hearing aids use more power to perform complex functions like amplifying sound correctly plus to some extent programable features too. Ask Fischer Hearing Center about rechargeable batteries if you don't want to deal with changing batteries.

Can I avoid running out of batteries?

We recommend keeping at least a month’s supply of hearing aid batteries.

Where should I store my batteries?

Keep your batteries in convenient locations like kitchen drawer or in your bed night stand. Always keep in room temperature.

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