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Hearing evaluation
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How does a hearing evaluation work?

Hearing Evaluations

When you arrive at Fischer Hearing Center for your hearing exam, our staff will greet you and ask you to fill out forms, including those that record your personal information, medical history and insurance.

When your hearing exam begins, we’ll review your personal information with you and ask you some simple follow up questions to find out areas in your life where you experience hearing loss & any specific goals.

Next, Paul Fischer may look into your ears with an otoscope or sometimes known as a auriscope, which is a unique device to see the ear canal and eardrum, and/or perform one of the following tests:

Audiometric Testing

This is a hearing test that is performed by Paul in a sound proof room. You will wear headphones connected to an Audiometric device that emits different sounds to one ear at a time. Each sound is different in volume and pitch. You will be asked to press a button each time you hear a sound.

Tympanometry Testing

Simply put, a Tympanometry tests how well your eardrum moves & responds. Paul will put a small probe, which looks like an earphone into each ear. Another small device attached to the probe will gently push air into each ear. Paul will show you a detailed graph of the results using what is called a tympanogram.

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing

Otoacoustic emissions testing is a more advanced way of hearing testing than Audiometry. Paul may perform this test for patients who cannot tolerate or complete conventional hearing tests like the Audiometric & Tympanometry evaluations.

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